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CamperPedic™ Warranties

Mattress Warranties

Warranty is a statement or an agreement by the mattress manufacturer guaranteeing workmanship and quality of a mattress.1) Pro-rated: a pro-rated warranty is normally for a period of time but it does not cover the full cost of either repair or replacement. Instead, the pro-rated warranty just covers a portion of the repair cost and does not replace all. It covers a smaller percentage as the product gets older.

2) Non Pro-rated: non pro-rated warranty guarantee covers the workmanship of a mattress for a time period. This means your mattress is warranted against manufacturing defects in workmanship and material.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

The mattress company follows the industry standard with terms and conditions on all of our products. Warranty includes manufacturer defects and workmanship (excluding cover and handles). The company will repair or replace at our discretion any valid warranty claim. Purchaser must have original receipt as proof of purchase. Mattress cannot be soiled or stained in any way. Comfort impressions are normal and are not considered a valid warranty claim unless the impression is greater than 1.5″ deep. Rotating the mattress will minimize comfort impressions. Purchaser is responsible for all transportation costs associated with any warranty issues.

Our Warranties are Non Pro-Rated

  • CamperPedic™ Casual Collection3 year
  • CamperPedic™ Comfort Collection5 year
  • CamperPedic™ Cozy Collection10 year
  • CamperPedic™ Caress Collection20 year

Mattress warranties are based on workmanship, not comfort level.